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Airless paint sprayer Wagner Control Pro 250 M

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Grease Wagner Easy Glide
Grease Wagner Easy Glide

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SKU 212169
Manufacturer Wagner
Weight 7.6 kg
Total weight with packaging 11 kg
Painting speed 7,5 m²/min
Spray efficiency 1,25 l/min
Spraying equipment dedicated for DIY'ers (amateur users)
Project size Up to 100 m2
Can be used with such materials Universal use for bigger projects (solvent and water based emulsion and latex paints for inside use, primers, lacquers, wood preservatives, desinfectants, plant protection products, stains, oils)
Air volume regulator +
Hose length 9 m
Max. pressure 110 bar
Spraying method Airless
Spraying method description This method uses material pressure alone. Compressed air is not used for material atomisation. Electric, pneumatic or petrol driven pump pressurises material and forces it through a nozzle at about 25 Mpa pressure. During this process material is atomised into fine spray jet. This spraying method is very good for emulsion applying.
Technology Piston pump
Rated power input 550 W
Does set include carry case Product in cardboard box
Engine type Electrical
Voltage / frequency 210 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz / AC
Standard warranty 6 months for company, 24 months for private user
Special notice Recommended to use with "Easy Glide" grease

Paint sprayer Wagner HEA Control Pro 250 M Airless is a compact device with a handlebar. The device is intended for experienced DIY, maintenance staff and craftsman. The material is sprayed with High Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology, which gives the perfect coating with a minimum over spray. Combined with the design of new nozzle, the airless spray system offers maximum control and professional result without stripes.  High-quality, Airfree gun provides maximum effort. The 9-meter hose is very flexible and allows for a large working radius. 

Piston pump - material is transported by means to the piston stroke movement. It creates high suction performance, which is ideal for high viscosity materials. Such type of pumps can't operate in "dry" mode. During each start, it is recommended to use oil, which greases cylinder until material fills up the system.

Suitable coating materials:
All water and solvent based paints, varnishes, wood preservatives, as well as emulsion and latex paints.

Not suitable coating materials:
Facade paints, paints containing abrasive components, and alkaline solutions and acid-based paints.

Set includes:
HEA Control Pro Airless pistol
HEA Control Pro Tip 311 nozzle
HEA Control Pro Tip 517 nozzle
HEA tip holder
HEA Airless hose; 9 m

Since its foundation in 1953, Wagner GmBH specializes in developing consumer-friendly tools for painting. As an alternative to a brush or paint roller company offered for the users a paint sprayers. Paint spraying tools helps to paint surfaces quickly and to get higher quality painted surfaces.

Wagner product range includes:

  • high pressure paint spraying systems;
  • hand sprayers;
  • paint rollers;
  • steamers for wallpaper removing.

Wagner products can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Tools to work with water-based paints for wall painting: internal walls and ceilings, exterior walls, corners and edges.
  2. Tools to work with varnish materials, used to protect the surface from adverse environmental effects: garden furniture, cottages, shutters, door or window frames, radiators, doors, furniture, bicycles, parts for motor vehicles or motorcycles, fences, handrails and etc..
  3. Tools for removing wallpaper using steam.

Brush or paint sprayer - which one to choose?

Talking about Wagner products you will always meet a question: which tool is the best choice for painting - paint brush / paint roller or paint spray. Bellow you will find main advantages and disadvantages of each painting method:

Paint sprayer advantages:

  • Spraying is faster method if you compare it with work using brush or roller. For example, using paint sprayer 4 x 4 m room you can cover with paint in 15 minutes, while painting with a roller and a brush (for corners) this work will take 1 hour.
  • If you are going to use a paint sprayer, you don’t need to pre-coat the edges and corners with a brush.
  • The paint sprayer ensures very even surface coating with paint. Paint sprayers do not leave on the wall any traces and brush hairs. Spraying you will not get any run aways on the surface. Using paint sprayer you can work precisely, therefore there will be no need to paint surfaces second time. A single paint layer is enough.
  • Regarding coating the varnish - Wagner company made a test to prove, that varnish layer remains on the surface longer in comparison with surfaces covered using brush.
  • Using paint sprayers it is more convenient to paint surfaces that are difficult to reach (window sills, angles, etc.).

Paint Sprayer disadvantages:

  • Preparing the sprayer for work or handling after painting will last longer compared to paint brush.
  • Greater paint consumption.
  • Spraying quality, if done outside, depends on weather conditions. Spraying paint is not recommended when it is windy.

Brush / roller advantages:

  • Low cost solution for painting: tools are a lot cheaper, also you use less paint for the same job.
  • The painter can easily control a brush. You need more practice to control sprayer.

Brush / roller disadvantages:

  • Need more time to paint the same surface (in comparison with sprayer).
  • It may be necessary to paint surfaces in more than 2 layers.
  • Brush traces may remain on the surface.
  • Painting quality depends on the workers skills and paint consistency.