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Compound mitre saw Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut


€146.00 Incl. Tax
Blade and bit cleaner CMT 2050; 500 ml
Blade and bit cleaner CMT 2050; 500 ml
Lubricant for woodworking tables CMT; 1 l
Lubricant for woodworking tables CMT; 1 l
Support for large workpieces Femi 301
Support for large workpieces Femi 301
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Manufacturer Metabo
Weight 9 kg
Total weight with packaging 12,2 kg
Package dimensions 475x465x285 mm
Professional / Amateur Professional
Engine type Electrical
Voltage / frequency 210 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz / AC
Max. disc diameter 216 mm
Hole diameter 30,0 mm
No-load speed 5000 min-1
Max rpm 5000 /min
Adjustable rotation speed for work with different materials No
Rated power input 1350 W
The width and height of the cutting material, cutting in 45 degree angle 80x45 mm
The width and height of the cutting material, cutting in 90 degree angle 120x60 mm
Possibility to cut oblique incisions by turning the tool 47 degrees to the left Yes
Disc sliding mechanism Without disc sliding
Precise cut system type Single laser line system (in one side of disc)
Cable length 2 m
Can be connected to a vacuum cleaner Yes
Integrated LED lightning Yes
Cutting Depth Adjustment +
adjustable stop Yes
Handle for transportation Yes
Workpiece clamp Fixed angle
Set includes Dust bag

Metabo is a German manufacturer in its product range offering different machines, all kind of power tools and accessories. Metabo is a global leader in an angle grinder segment. Metabo angle grinders distinguish itself as a high performance, exceptional quality and durable tools. From very wide range client can choose the one, which best fits all the requirements (from single steel bar cutting to the most demanding usage in the ship construction docks).

Metabo also have a huge experience in cordless tool technologies. Now this manufacturer offers a LiHD (Lithium high density batteries) technology, which enables to save a big amount of energy in a quite small sized battery body.

Everything started in 1923, when Albrect Schnizler constructed the first hand held electric drill for metal. More than 50000 drills were sold under designation „No. 18“. In 1924 „Schnizler GmbH“ company was founded. In German language metal drill sounds like „Metallbohrdrehe“. This name was taken as basis for a company name later – „Metabo“.

Now Metabo has more than 2000 employees. Biggest part (approx. 1200 persons) works in Nurtingen. Metabo has two production sites. One in Nurtingen (Germany) and another in Shanqhai (China).

Metabo company has more than 700 patents and registered designs.

In 1999 Metabo acquired German woodworking machine manufacturer „Elektra Beckum“.

In 2016 Metabo was acquired by Hitachi Koki. Since than these two companys share its experience and know-how in power tool production field.