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Grass trimmer spool & line Bosch ''Pro-Tap''

Product code20136

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Manufacturer Bosch
Total weight with packaging 0.04 kg
Diameter 1,6 mm
Suitable for tool Bosch ART 23 Combitrim, Bosch ART 23 Easytrim, Bosch ART 230 Combitrim, Bosch ART 230 Easytrim, Bosch ART 2300 Combitrim, Bosch ART 2300 Easytrim, Bosch ART 26 Combitrim, Bosch ART 26 Easytrim, Bosch ART 260 Combitrim, Bosch ART 260 Easytrim, Bosch ART 2600 Combitrim, Bosch ART 2600 Easytrim, Bosch ART 30 Combitrim, Bosch ART 300 Combitrim, Bosch ART 3000 Combitrim

Here you will find all Bosch tools and accessories. Bosch tool range can be devided into such groups:

  • Blue Bosch (Bosch Professional) line – these are professional tools, which meets the highest power, precision and durability requirements. Most of these tools are supplied in intelligent transportation system „L-BOXX“ plastic cases.
  • Green Bosch line - tools for home, hobby and garden work. These tools are distinguished by the combination of high quality, latest technology, comfortable design and good price.
  • Bosch measuring instruments - tools for professionals and DIY‘ers, which help to get flat surfaces, measure distances, angles and slopes, and to find hidden objects.
  • Bosch accessories – all the range have over 8,000 products (drill bits for concrete, metal, wood and other materials, chisels, router bits, cutting blades, abrasives, etc.). All Bosch accessories are of high quality.

Company history briefly:

Robert Bosch GmbH was founded in 1886, Stuttgart, Germany.

Company founder was Robert Bosch. He was innovator and made a lot of technological discoveries. Robert Bosch also was very active in social field as a philantropist. He established a hospital, was first businessman, who started to use 8 hour shift rule in his factories and made a lot more to make everyones life better.

Now Bosch corporation is known as the world's largest automotive component manufacturer. It would be very hard to find a vehicle in a whole world, which doen‘t have at least 1 Bosch part. Auto components make up about 60 % from all corporation turnover.

Bosch also is known as a heating solutions, industrial machines, household appliances and power tools manufacturer.

Bosch company has registered more than 4,000 patents. This figure perfectly illustrates the company's passion for innovation. Particular attention now is focused on battery technology development.