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Standard guarantee rules:

All products, listed in our e-shop, have a standard* manufacturer warranty.

In case of warranty, please contact directly to local warranty service of corresponding manufacturer. It will save time and your item will be fixed or changed more quickly.

In case you can‘t find local warranty service, please send your item to us and we will arrange all warranty related issues as soon, as possible.

* Standard manufacturer warranty can differ from country to country. It depends on local trading / customer service laws and requirements. Some of manufacturers also offer additional extended warranty with some additional requirements. Usually client must register his / her item in the internet site righ after purchase and get additional warranty period (example: standard warranty period for all Bosch power tools is 1 year, after registration you will get additionally 2 years: 1 + 2 = 3).

Shortly about some manufacturers guarantee rules:


Standard Festool warranty is 1 year for company and 2 years for private user. If you register your tool in manufacturer‘s internet site ( you will get additional warranty service, called „SERVICE – all inclusive“. All the details you will find in official Festool internet site.


Bosch professional

Standard manufacturer warranty for Bosch professional (blue line) power tools is 1 year. If you register your tool in internet site (,  you will get additionally 2 year warranty (1 + 2 = 3).

3 year warranty for Bosch green line tools

Now warranty period for all Bosch non professional (green line) power tools (DIY tools, garden tools, measurement tools) can be extended to 3 years, if DIY user (only private users) register tool in manufacturers internet system

-        Extended warranty is valid only for private users.

-        Registration must be done in 4 weeks from the purchase date.

-        In each warranty case it is necessary to submit registration certificate and purchase documents with clear purchase date.


All DeWalt products have standard 2 year warranty. If you register your tool in DeWalt site, you will get additionally 1 year warranty (totally 3 years). You can check, if it is possible to get 3 year warranty for your Dewalt product at:

In order to get 3 year extended warranty, you must register your DeWalt product within 4 weeks (starting from purchase date). All additional information about DeWalt warranty terms and services you can find at:

In case of warranty, please send your tool to us and we will try our best to send you back repaired or changed tool as soon, as possible.


Standard manufacturer warranty is 1 year for company and 2 years for private user. More warranty related details you can find in official Makita internet site (


Standard manufacturer warranty is 1 year. Registering your tool ( you can get „XXL 3 YEARS WARRANTY“.

Leica Geosystems

All „Leica Geosystems“ products have a standard warranty period from 2 up to 5 years (depends on the product). Exact standard warranty term you can find in a product specification list in our e-shop. Also, some products have a possibility to extend the standard warranty term and to get from 1 to 3 additional years, but in this case you must register your product in manufacturers site (


standard warranty for legal entities is 12 months, for private users 24 months. Also it is possible to get a free warranty extension up to 3 years, if you register your power tool here. You must do it within 30 days after purchase date.
* Warranty extension for M18 nailers is not possible.
Authorized Milwaukee services make all warranty and non-warranty repairs. You can find nearest service center here or contact us using address, provided in the "contacts" section (link to each project). We can help you and send your tool to the Milwaukee service center.


Standard FEIN warranty for all end users is 1 (one) year from the purchase date (or other period, required under local law). 

During 6 weeks period (starting from the purchase date) user can register FEIN tool and get extended 3 year warranty called „3-year FEIN PLUS warranty“.  Tool must be registered at:

Warranty for Li-Ion batteries is limited to 700 charge cycles.

Some FEIN tools can not get 3 year warranty. It is high frequency power tools, AccuTec screwdrivers, balancers, pipe proccessing tools, pneumatic tools, NiCD and NiMH batteries with its chargers.


The standard manufacturer's warranty for power and battery tools is 1 year. Other accessories and hand tools for 2 years. In case of warranty, please contact us and we will help you get the tool in order or replace it (if the tool is not repairable) as soon as possible.

Batteries and chargers. Batteries and chargers are covered by a 12-month warranty, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.