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Trowel for wood flooring Titebond 17883


Manufacturer Titebond
Total weight with packaging 0,38 kg

Every day, thousands of woodworking and construction professionals trust in “Titebond” glues and sealants. They know that “Titebond” is the highest quality product that will make the work easier and more efficient. All these trusted craftsmen get more than a specific “Titebond” product. Using “Titebond” adhesive all professionals know, that are working with one of the most trusted brands, well-known in the global adhesive industry.

Leadership and responsibility

“Titebond®” wood gluing leader's tradition and professionalism are based on unmatched product quality, excellent personal customer service and technical support. We are very proud of the experience gained and the recognition of the best woodworking professionals. Already since year 1952, the recognition of woodworking professionals is the main objective of the “Titebond®” brand. This commitment to top-notch consumers is a major driver for maintaining a leading position in the woodworking industry.

Focus on innovative solutions

Strong focus on research, which helps meet the real needs of workshops and construction sites, has put “Titebond” at the forefront of industry. Through its many years of experience, the company continuously develops innovative products that excel in their characteristics all other products, at present used in the industry.

Best products for work

Whatever the job, “Titebond” offers best-in-class product for high-quality, fast and convenient work. Today, range of more than 90 “Titebond” products for carpenters and construction professionals can offer precisely what they need for a particular job, so professionals can fully rely on “Titebond” for all gluing jobs.

Time tested quality

When the carpenter rolls off “Titebond” glue bottle cap, or when the contractors put the glue cartridge in the pistol, they are calm knowing, that they are using reliable product. “Titebond” glue will flow smoothly, its efficiency will meet the highest standards. “Titebond” innovations are thoroughly tested in a laboratory and in practice before they enter the market. All products are developed and manufactured in one of the world's oldest and most prestigious adhesive manufacturing company – “Franklin International”.

“Titebond” products and the brand have excelled in the most important test – they are known worldwide as effective and easy to use glues.