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Socket Set Teng Tools TT1205; 5 units


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  • 2 pcs. in stock.

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Manufacturer TengTools
Type Socket set
Tool set includes Extension, Joint, Ratchet
Extension 1/2", 125 mm, 1/2", 250 mm
Joint 1/2"
Ratchet 1/2"
Type of pin assertion 1/2"

This Swedish brand offer extremely wide range of professional hand tools for mechanics and craftsman, working in different industry sectors, automotive workshops, construction sites and other places.

Tengtools have a good reputation around the world among large industrial companies, vehicle manufacturers, famous racing teams and enthusiasts working in their garages.

Tengtools believe in order and clarity at working place. If you want to be effective in your job, you must keep everything in it‘s place. Only in such case you will find tool you need quickly and do your job fast. Someone think, that perfect organization is not necessary in a working place, but Tengtools believe, that it is a must! So – join Tengtools and Get organized!

Tengtools offer over 3 000 products, covering hand tools and storage solutions, which can help companies and craftsman to optimize its operations. In product range you will find:

-          different racking systems, trolleys, tool boxes and cases;

-          wide range of tool sets;

-          separate tools, included into different sets.

At first – get a tool set and start your work.

Afterwards – replace separate broken/lost item or expand your hand tool fleet.

Partnership with Tengtools is like a never ending story, because you can discover a lot of new and very useful tools in an extremely wide Tengtools product range.