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Robot mowers

Lawn mower - robot is a great solution for those, who have a gorgeous lawn and do not want to waste time for cutting it. This device is like a battery mower and a robot hybrid. Self propelled machine is powered via battery and can move independently in particular lawn area. An integrated microprocessor allows robot to be programmed and helps machine to coordinate its movement in the lawn. When the lawn is properly prepared, the robot will mow it thoroughly until battery charge will reach a minimal level. Afterwards machine will go to its charging station, charge battery fully and continue its duty – to mow lawn and ensure its perfect look.

Lawn enthusiasts know - in order to enjoy the perfect lawn it needs to be cut frequently. If you decide to have lawnmower – robot, your lawn will be cut continuously. It will be like a never-ending process. Robot moves in a particular area having limits marked with a special cable and constantly cuts the growing grass. Small particles of cut grass fall down into lawn and become invisible. In addition small grass particles decomposes quickly and works as a soil fertilizer.

Although the mower is a robot and will mow the lawn for you, in order to enjoy your comfort in the future, you need to prepare your lawn properly before. It is necessary to lay a special cable on the edges of your lawn area and around obstacles in it (example: plants, flower clusters, trees, garden stones, etc.). This cable can be simply pinned to the ground with special spikes or buried into a shallow depth below the turf. You also need to install a special charging station. Its location must be at the edge of the lawn area closest to the power socket.

For more information on how to properly prepare a lawn for your mower – robot, see the product manual. Also in this manual you will find all the information related to the robot's specifications, control and programming possibilities.

Lawn mowers - robots are designed for small and medium lawns. The most popular models handle perfectly with a surface area of ​​300 - 1100 m2 (depends on the particular robot model). Similar to lawnmowers, robots are also classified according to the maximum cutting area. Robots have different cutting width (it defines the robot movement intensity in the lawn) and battery capacity (it defines the cutting time between battery charges). Lawn mower robots (depending on the model) also can cut lawn on a small slopes (about at 24 degrees).