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  1. 339 € - 7998
Max. pipe diameter
Engine type
Rated power input
  1. 560 W - 2000 W
For cutting (detailed grouping)
Band length
Teeth per Inch (TPI)
Bandsaw feeding system
Saw band cooling agent
Flags of the product
  1. 16 kg - 344 kg

Metal cutting band saws

In this category you will find a wide selection of metal band saws. Special filters will help you select the machine according to the maximum diameter of the workpiece, length and type of cutting band, type of cutting system and other important parameters.

Bandsaws are used for precise and efficient cutting of various metal workpieces. Unlike abrasive cutting blades, using cutting band metal does not sparkle, becomes less hot, does not change its color and properties. Some machine models have a workpiece cooling system (oil, water or oil / water mixture) that additionally cools the workpiece, which can further increase the cutting speed.

Metal band saws are classified by type of cutting system. The following types are available:

- Automatic cutting system with hydraulic feeding gear;

- Automatic cutting system with mechanical feeding gear;

- Manual feed (no automatic cutting system);

- NG system (increase cutting efficiency by up to 40%).