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Laser type
Max. measuring distance
  1. 25 m (9)
  2. 30 m (48)
  3. 35 m (9)
  4. 45 m (3)
  5. 50 m (2)
  6. 60 m (9)
  7. 70 m (3)
  8. 76 m (1)
  9. 80 m (1)
  10. 100 m (2)
  11. 600 m (1)
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Thread diameter
Max. measuring distance with the receiver
  1. 250 m (2)
  2. 300 m (7)
  3. 400 m (3)
  4. 600 m (9)
  5. 650 m (4)
  6. 800 m (1)
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Does set include carry case
Beam colour
Vertical vial
Security class
  1. IP68 (5)
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Laser levels

Well known producers LEICA, BOSCH, DEWALT, BMI, MAKITA and others offer laser levels for professional and amateur work.

Here you can find point, linear, rotary and combination laser levels.

Using special filters, you will find the right level for you quickly and easily. You can search the tool in the predefined price range, by manufacturer, type of laser, maximum working distance, and laser beam color. The green colour laser is better seen when working under intensive lighting conditions.

Also in our e-shop you will find laser detectors, laser rods, stands with holders and other accessories for laser levels.

Cross line

This type of level is used to draw horizontal, vertical, or interconnected lines. Some models can draw lines at a certain angle. They are suitable for performing all kinds of precision-requiring works (for example: hanging furniture, installation of various structures, painting, wallpaper / tile gluing, railing, etc.).

Combination Laser

These levels have different combinations of functions. Many of them can make horizontal, vertical, or interconnected lines at 360 °. Some levels also can focus dots in different planes. Such tools are indispensable when horizontal, vertical or both planes must be marked at the same time on all planes of the building (for example: installation of suspended ceilings and various structures, the construction of partition walls, etc.).

Rotary line

The rotary level head generates a point laser beam that rotates around its axis to form a plane (a 360 ° laser beam). Many rotary levels can work not only horizontally but also vertically. All this type levels can work with a laser beam receiver, so they can be used for long distances and in intensive lighting conditions (for example: ground leveling, outdoor work, work in large rooms, etc.).

Point laser

Levels focusing dots in different planes are very helpful in performing certain installation work. With their help, it is very easy to transfer mark on the ceiling / floor to the floor / ceiling (for example, vertical pipeline installation, column setting, etc.).