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Metal band-saw machine Femi 780XL 8483321


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Lightweight and compact, power 850 W, max. workpiece width 105 mm, 2 cutting speeds, suitable for steel, non-ferrous and stainless steel cutting.

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Manufacturer Femi
Weight 17 kg
Total weight with packaging 19,8 kg
Package dimensions 730x390x500 mm
Professional / Amateur Professional, non-intensive use
Engine type Electrical
Band length 1335 mm
Max. band width 13 mm
Max. band thickness 0,65 mm
Teeth per Inch (TPI) 8-12
Max. pipe diameter 105 mm
Bandsaw feeding system Manual feeding
Saw band cooling agent No lubrication
Belt speed 60/80 m/min
Constant torque system No
Rated power input 850 W
Max. cutting diameter 105 mm
For cutting (detailed grouping) Non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, lead, brass and etc.), Steel
The width and height of the cutting material, cutting in 45 degree angle 70x60 mm
The width and height of the cutting material, cutting in 90 degree angle 105x93 mm
Automatic switch off No
Automatic belt tension system No
Voltage / frequency 210 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz / AC

Lightweight and compact Femi 780 XL bandsaw is easy to carry and adjust. Suitable for cutting steel, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, lead, brass, etc.), stainless steel (limited usage). With an additional table (available separately) can be used for tin cutting. To ensure optimum performance of the machine, the right cutting band must be selected. The main criteria for cutting band is the number of teeth per inch (6, 8 - 12, 14, 18).

Power: 850 W.

Max. workpiece width: 105 mm.

Two cutting speed: 60 m/min and 80 m/min.

Speed ​​60 m/min – for cutting solid and large workpieces.

Speed 80 m/min – for cutting hollow and small diameter workpieces.

Recommendations for choosing cutting speed and band type:

  • Solid steel workpiece up to 105 mm: 60 m/min speed using 6 or 8-12 teeth per inch cutting band.
  • Hollow steel workpiece with wall thickness < 3 mm: 80 m/min speed, using 18 teeth per inch cutting band.
  • Hollow steel workpiece with a wall thickness of 3 – 5 mm: speed 60 m/min, using 14 teeth per inch cutting band.
  • Hollow steel workpiece with wall thickness > 5 mm: speed 60 m/min, using 8-12 teeth per inch cutting band.
  • Solid aluminum workpiece: speed 60 m/min.
  • Hollow aluminum workpiece: speed 80 m/min.
  • Thin-walled stainless steel workpieces: speed 60 m/min, using 18 teeth per inch cutting band and minimum feed speed.

This Italian company was established in 1967. Main companies focus is on industry and professional users.

„Femi“ already have a 50 year practice of developing different machines, which distinguish itself as reliable, effective and secure products.

Company offer 3 product lines:

-       metal cutting machines;

-       wood cutting machines;

-       grinding / polishing machines.

Metal cutting machine line offer industrial bandsaws, professional bandsaws and bimetal blades for all these saws.

Wood cutting machine line consists of mitresaws, circular blades and dust collectors.

In the grinding / polishing machine line you can find belt sanders, bench grinders, sharpening machines and accessories (grinding wheels, brushes and belts).