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Oscillating tools and accessories

Wide range of oscillating tools and accessories from Fein, Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Festool and other manufacturers.

Set of filters will help you to find a right tool or accessory easy and quickly.

Multifunctional oscillating tools are the best helpers in renovations. They are compact alternatives to a whole set of tools for various repair tasks. Multifunctional tool combine functions of a saw, grinder, scraper and sander. Using special cutting accessories it is possible to make a plunge cut, therefore in some cases this tool is irreplaceable helper. 

Using multi tool you can cut different materials (fiberboard, plastic, wood, plywood, drywall, metal, tiles, and etc.), clean any surface, remove glued floor covering, sand and polish surfaces, and a lot more...


There are several mounting systems, used in oscillating tools (for professional and amateur use), therefore it is very important to choose accessory with right mounting system, which will fit oscillating tool you have. In order to make a job, your tool mounting system must be exactly the same or compatible with the mounting system of accessory you have. There are 4 most popular mounting systems:

1. One of the most popular mounting systems is so called „OIS“ (Oscillating Interface System) system. This system is widely used in many oscillating tools for professionals and amateurs. “OIS” accessories can be used only with oscillating tools, having “OIS” mounting system, but “OIS” tool can be used with accessories, having “OIS” and “STARLOCK” mounting systems.


2. Recently another mounting system “STARLOCK” became quite popular among oscillating tools. A lot of tool manufacturers, which have used „OIS” system, gradually shifted to „ STARLOCK“. This system is like an improved “OIS” system, this is why all accessories with “STARLOCK” system can be used on tools, having “OIS” and “STARLOCK” mounting systems. But if you have tool with “STARLOCK” mounting system, you can use only “STARLOCK” system accessories.


3. After mounting system „STARLOCK“ became popular, another modification „STARLOCK PLUS“ was launched. This system in general is dedicated for oscillating tools with more power. “STARLOCK PLUS” accessories are compatible with “STARLOCK PLUS” and “STARLOCK MAX” tools, but on “STARLOCK PLUS” tool you can mount only “STARLOCK” and “STARLOCK PLUS” accessories.


4. Finally was launched the last mounting system modification, called „STARLOCK MAX“, dedicated for most powerful oscillating tools. “STARLOCK MAX” accessories can be used only with “STARLOCK MAX” tools, but if you have tool with “STARLOCK MAX” mounting system, you can use on it “STARLOCK”, “STARLOCK PLUS” and “STARLOCK MAX” accessories.


Tool and accessory mounting system compatibility table:

IMPORTANT: in our e-shop each oscillating tool and accessory have an attribute “Accessory mount type”, therefore please pay your attention to be sure, the tool and accessory are compatible.