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Oscillating tools

Here you can find a wide range of oscillating tools from Fein, Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Festool and other manufacturers.

Manufacturer, engine type, battery voltage and price filters will help you to find a right tool easy and quickly.

All accessories for oscillating tools you will find in category "Oscillating tools and accessories" (look subcategories you are interested in).

There are several mounting systems, used in oscillating tools (for professionals and amateurs), therefore it is very important to choose accessory with right mounting system, which will fit oscillating tool you have. In order to make a job, your tool mounting system must be exactly the same or compatible with the mounting system of accessory you have or are going to buy. 

Detailed information regarding mounting systems you will find in category "Oscillating tools and accessories".


IMPORTANT: in our e-shop each oscillating tool and accessory have an attribute “Accessory mount type”, therefore please pay your attention to be sure, the tool and accessory are compatible.