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Your lawn is a living organism that needs air, water and nutrients. Therefore if you want to develop a healthy and appealing lawn, you must be certain that your lawn receives enough vital nutrition. There are certain steps on how to achieve this, with a most efficient way – scarifying the lawn once or twice a year.

You can use a scarifier for various purposes, such as cleaning the lawn from moss, old leaves and old grass. These are the main particles that block the air and nutrients from your soil. Scarifiers are also used for incision of the soil. This action is essential for lawns that aren‘t aerated regulary and it also helps to remove all the other waste that stays underneath the surface, such as old roots and other organic waste. It‘s also really helpfull when you want to seed new grass or other plants. We highly recommend to aerate and scarify your lawn at least once a year, early in the spring.

Most of our clients whom trust us with our expertise on lawn equipment have found that the best scarifiers for such applications are the Stiga electric series SV 415 E and SV 213 E. These machines stand out of the majority with their powerful and durable engines. They also have a possibility to both, aerate and scarify the lawn with quick and easy reel change (with both reels in the original assembly set). Stiga lawn equipment is also well known for being oriented on eco friendly and consumer friendly designs.

You can also choose from many other trustworthy scarifiers from well known brands as Bosch, Makita, Gardena, Eurosystems and MTD.