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Heat guns

Our assortment of heat guns are made of products from manufacturers like Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Rapid, Black &Decker and more. You can find accessories for heat guns here. 

Heat guns are construction tools that produces a heated air stream (the upper temperature limit is around 500-650 °C). Typically, the heat gun is supplied with various attachments, with which you can perform many operations. We‘ll state some below (the list is far from complete):
Removal of old or drying of fresh paint;
Heating pipes in winter;
Heating of plastic parts (the goal is their subsequent molding);
Installation of wires using heat shrinkage;
Melting or softening of solidified compounds.

Features of construction heat guns:

Temperature adjustment - two variants are possible: smooth and stepped. The first is typical for "advanced" models and ensures accurate work on different materials. For basic models, this accuracy is not needed, so only the degree of heating (from weak to strong) is regulated.
Power - the spread of this indicator is not very large, on average, the hair dryers consume about 1500-2300 watts.
The cold blowing function is useful when you need to quickly cool the soldered part.