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  1. AEG (5)
  2. Greenworks (1)
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  4. Yato (3)
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Battery voltage
Engine type
Battery type
Rated power input
  1. 80 W - 800 W
Energy saving brushless motor
Orbital action
Does set include carry case
  1. TSTAK (3)
  2. TSTAK II (1)
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Soft start
Set includes
  1. A plastic insert case for safe tool holding in MetaLoc carrying case (1)
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Cutting depth in wood
  1. 110 mm (1)
  2. 120 mm (3)
  3. 125 mm (7)
  4. 135 mm (9)
  5. 140 mm (1)
  6. 155 mm (6)
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Cutting depth in steel
Cutting depth in aluminum
Charge level indicator
Adjustment of sheering angle
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We offer a realy wide range of electic jigsaws from manufacturers like Makita, Bosch, Festool, DeWat, Metabo, Hitachi, Ryobi, Milwaukee and more. Use our filters to find a required tool quickly.
Electric jigsaw is a tool designed for straight, curved and incisal cuts. Most often used for sawing wood, plywood and chipboard. When installing the appropriate accessory (saw blade), the jigsaws can also work on metal, laminate, ceramic tile and other materials.

Types of electric jig saws: By type of power - network or battery; By workload - household (amateur) and professional;

Features and key parameters which you should consider when picking the right tool:
Power (for network) or voltage (for battery) - determines the capabilities of the tool like it‘s work efficiency;
The number of strokes per minute - affects the cutting speed;
Adjusting the speed - increases the accuracy of the cut; Is required for jigsaws for figured cutting, also really necessary when cutting metals.
Maximum depth of cut - for wood 50-135 mm, for metal 6-35 mm.
Pendulum mode - for quick sawing in the material (the quality of the cut is lower).
Tilting the base plate - allows you to saw at an angle.

You can find accessories for jigsaws in the following categories: Blades for jigsaws, other accessories for jigsaws