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  1. 220 mm (1)
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  4. Scheppach (1)
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  1. 340 W - 1700 W
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  1. TSTAK II (1)
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Cutting depth in wood
  1. 230 mm (8)
  2. 250 mm (2)
  3. 255 mm (15)
  4. 275 mm (1)
  5. 280 mm (2)
  6. 300 mm (14)
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Cutting depth in steel
  1. 175 mm (2)
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Cutting depth in aluminum
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Reciprocating saws

Our range of reciprocating saws include brands like Bosch, Makita, Metabo, DeWalt, Milwaukee and more. We recommend using filters to narrow down your search, so you can find your tool much faster.

You might also be interested in accessories for reciprocating saws: sawing blades, batteries, chargers, working tables.

Reciprocating saws are universal tools for cutting wood, plastic, drywall, thin sheet metal, composed materials. They are especially popular in use in cottages and in country houses. With their help, it's easy to prune the branches, saw small logs, cut off a layer of old paint, cut a pipe and so on.
The main component of the saw is a saw blade (separate blade for each type of material). It is important to pay attention to the frequency and length of its stroke - the higher this index, the faster the tool will cut the workpiece.

Other important features:
Power - affects the performance and endurance of the instrument, as well as the time spent on the cut.
Power source - battery or mains - network reciprocating saws are designed for longer work and, as a rule, are able to solve more complex tasks. While cordless saws are mobile, so they can move freely around the site.

The price of a saber saw depends on the availability of additional features:
Possibility to adjust the stroke frequency of the saw - allows you to customize the tool to work with different materials;
The presence of a pendulum system - accelerates the sawing process, however, the qualitative characteristics of the cut may decrease;
Smooth start – the tool is easier to handle when turning on the saw;
Keyless change of cutting accessories - saw blades are installed with one hand movement, helps save time;
Illumination of the working area - for comfortable work in case of insufficient light;