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  1. Mirka (13)
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Battery voltage
Engine type
Battery type
Rated power input
  1. 140 W - 1500 W
Energy saving brushless motor
Sanding disc diameter
Does set include carry case
Set includes
  1. Lubricant (1)
  2. Main adapter (1)
  3. Operation tool (15)
  4. Quickly adjustable protective guard (1)
  5. Sanding disc (3)
  6. Sanding pad StickFix, Ø 150 mm (soft-HT) (8)
  7. Sanding paper set (1)
  8. Set of accessories (2)
  9. StickFix sanding pad Ø 125 mm (soft-HT) (5)
  10. StickFix sanding pad Ø 150 (supersoft) (6)
  11. Suction hose (6)
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Overload protection
Grinding pad vibration amplitude
  1. 4,0 mm (2)
  2. 5,0 mm (13)
  3. 5,5 mm (1)
  4. 6,4 mm (1)
  5. 7,0 mm (3)
  6. 8,4 mm (1)
  7. - (3)
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Flags of the product
Adjustable rotation speed for work with different materials

Random orbit sanders

Large assortment of random orbit sanders from Bosch, Makita, Festool, Metabo, DeWalt, Mirka, Milwaukee and more. Electric and battery driven eccentric sanders for easy DIY applications and heavy duty construction applicatioons. 

These kind of grinders has an eccentric movement which makes it possible to perform circular motions in addition to reciprocating movements. Therefore working efficiancy is increased significantly.
As in most grinding machines, the quality of the surface proccessing depends on the speed: the higher it is, the faster the grinding is done. But, unfortunately, the surface is treated more coarsely. When there‘s a need to do more delicate grinding you should consider an eccentric sander which has less speed or has a possibility to adjust working speed.
Also, to achieve best grinding results, you'll need to use a suitable sanding sheet. High number of grains indicate that the sanding will be soft. While low number of grains will deliver fast and coarse grinding. Most common woodwork grinding is done using 80-120 grain. Here you can find all oval grinding sheets.

Eccentric grinding machines can also be used for simple polishing tasks. To do this, you will have to use a machine with really low rotation speed and use special grinding materials made of wool. We recommed consulting us before purchasing a eccentric sander for polishing tasks.

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