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Screwdrivers, drills

More than 400 MAKITA, BOSCH, METABO, DEWALT, HITACHI, FESTOOL, MILWAUKEE screwdrivers, drills, impact drills and wrenches for amateurs and professionals. We only offer tools from manufacturers, which provide fast and high-quality service, so you will never have any problems with tool repair related issues. Using our filtering system, you will find the right tool within seconds.

We also offer a wide range of accessories for all these tools.

Batteries, chargers, chucks and tool cases you will find in category "Other accessories for power tools".

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Briefly about tools in this category:

Cordless srewdrivers - cordless tools for screwdriving and drilling in wood, metal, plastic and similar materials. Some drivers / drills also have an impact function, which allows to drill in building materials (eg.: bricks, concrete, etc.). If you have to drill with impact function  in building material a lot (more than 70% of all operations performed), we recommend to use hammer drill. Cordless screwdrivers have drilling, drilling with impact (some models only), screwdriving with adjustable clutch and reverse functions. Adjustable clutch is used to turn the screws into a certain depth. When clutch is used, the chuck will stop rotating after reaching a predetermined load.

Impact drills - universal electric and cordless tools for screw driving and drilling in wood, metal, plastic and building materials. All of these tools have drilling, drilling with impact, screwdriving with adjustable clutch and reverse functions. However, these tools are more for screwdriving and drilling without impact function (more than 70 % of all operations performed) and only occasional drilling with impact (up to 30 % of the operations performed). If you have to drill with impact function  in building material a lot, we recommend to use hammer drill.

Electric screwdrivers and drills, special drills - special tools for drilling or turning screws only. These tools are very durable, have robust construction and ergonomic shape, but are dedicated only for special applications (screwdriving or drilling). Drills have a high torque and durabile construction. Srewdrivers have special gripper, which lets to set screwing depth very precisely - regardless of material hardness screw is driven into the same depth, because tool drives in the screw until the grip support touch workpiece surface.

Electric impact wrenches, cordless impact wrenches and pneumatic wrenches – these tools generally are used to work with bolts and nuts with impact function. Also impact wrenches with ¼“ HEX holder are used to drive large diameter / long screws. The impact applied towards rotation direction generates very high torque. Also, during rotation this impact fully absorbs the load on users hand and reduces the risk of driving bit jump off the screw head. It makes the tool easy to operate and control precisely. Impact wrenches may have an internal hexagon (1/4 "HEX), outer square 1/4", 3/8 ", 1/2", 3/4 ", or 1" fastening.

Automatic screwdrives are designed to drive screws in bands. This greatly speeds up work. These type of drivers are commonly used working with gypsum, chipboards, or other  material boards, when a lot of screws must be driven into large area.

Magnetic and bench drills - special tools for accurate drilling in metal, wood, plastic and similar materials. Usually these drills are used for making holes in sheet metal or metal pipes with drilling crowns.