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  1. 30 € - 1262
  1. Black & Decker (1)
  2. Proxxon (3)
  3. Stanley (29)
  4. Ingersoll-Rand (2)
  5. RYOBI (3)
  6. Scheppach (6)
  7. Yato (5)
  8. Flex (12)
  9. Bahco (5)
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Battery voltage
Battery type
Gear quantity
Energy saving brushless motor
Overload protection
Charge level indicator
Chuck/holder type
Does set include battery
Max. torque
  1. 1 Nm - 400 Nm
Does set include carry case
  1. L-Boxx 136 (21)
  2. L-Boxx Mini (1)
  3. L-Case (5)
  4. MakPac (14)
  5. MakPac Nr.1 (2)
  6. MakPac Nr.2 (6)
  7. MakPac Nr.3 (2)
  8. MetaBOX 145 L (7)
  9. MetaLoc (1)
  10. SYS 3 M 187 (9)
  11. Systainer (3)
  12. TSTAK (24)
  13. TSTAK II (1)
  14. Tool bag (1)
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Set includes
  1. Keyless chuck (11)
  2. Magnetic holder for screwdriver bits (13)
  3. Plastic handle (40)
  4. Pocket LED flashlight (2)
  5. Quick-action steel chuck (2)
  6. Quick-change tapping chuck M4-M6 (1)
  7. Quick-change tapping chuck M8-M12 (1)
  8. Screwdriver heads (2)
  9. Screwdriver set (1)
  10. Set of accessories (3)
  11. Supplement for tool belt (81)
  12. Two-way screwdriver bit (11)
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Battery capacity
  1. 3,0 Ah (20)
  2. 3,1 Ah (1)
  3. 4,0 Ah (28)
  4. 4,0 Ah, 5,2 Ah (2)
  5. 5,0 Ah (47)
  6. 5,2 Ah, 4,0 Ah (1)
  7. 6,0 Ah (5)
  8. 9,0 Ah (1)
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Max rpm
  1. 3 /min - 25500 /min
Max. drill bit diameter for drilling wood
  1. 3 mm - 150 mm
Impact function enables for faster tightening and loosening of screws
Flags of the product
  1. 0 kg - 4 kg
For drilling in masonry (impact function)

Cordless screwdrivers

Battery driven drill drivers are the most popular power tools. Therefore our assortment always include a bunch of best offers for these products from all around Europe.
We focus on manufacturers who have a good network of services so that you wouldn‘t have any trouble when one is needed. Such manufacturers include – Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Hitachi, Festool, Milwaukee, Fein, Black&Decker, Flex and others.
Our assortment is made for all – DIY amateurs and advanced users, professionals, construction and industrial workers. We recommend to use filters in order to find a suitable tool throughout our large assortment.

The most important parameter for screwing is torgue. The higher the torgue, the bigger and longer screws can be screwed. Torgues at around 30 Nm should cover most common household needs. 50-60 Nm are for more intense works, recommended for DIY enthusiasts, workshops or light construction applications. All above are for construction and industrial works.

When drilling, you should mostly look at revolutions per minute. Higher drilling speed – higher driling process. If you need to drill different type of materials, choose a drill that has a functionality to change the speeds. For materials as metals it‘s recommended to drill at lower revs.
If you need to drill in concrete, be sure to pick a drill driver that has an „impact function“, otherwise it‘s not recommended nore it is efficient to drill in concrete. Even when a drill driver has an „impact function“, it‘s only ment to do not much, low capacity concrete drilling. Best when drilling in concrete are Impact drills or Hammering drills.

Another useful parameter for picking out the right drill driver is the maximum drilling diameter at a certain material. We recommend to pick such diameter, that is a bit more wider than what you actually need. A tool will serve significantly more when it‘s not used at it‘s highiest capabilities.

Most common battery types are the 10,8V, 12V and 18V Li-Ion batteries. Which means that by purchasing a tool that support such voltages you‘ll always be able to buy a replacement battery. As it‘s no secret that batteries most oftenly run out of service life much sooner than the power tool itself.

You can find many accessories for drill drivers in the following categories:
Batteries and chargers;
Accessories for drilling and screwdriving;
Carrying cases, boxes and bags;