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  1. 51 € - 438
Engine type
Gear quantity
Rated power input
  1. 430 W - 1300 W
Does set include carry case
Set includes
Soft start
Overload protection
Chuck/holder type
Max rpm
  1. 2800 /min - 3500 /min
Max. drill bit diameter for drilling wood
  1. 18 mm - 50 mm
Max. drilling diameter in concrete
  1. 12 mm - 25 mm
Max. drill bit diameter for drilling steel
  1. 8 mm - 16 mm
For drilling in masonry (impact function)
Impact function enables for faster tightening and loosening of screws
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Impact drills

Impact drills – universal power tools for drilling in various materials: metals, wood, aluminium, wooden chip boards, plastics, drywall and many more... You just need the right drilling bit for a certain application. Powerfull electric drills can also be used for construction and industrial works. You can also drill concrete, bricks and similar materials successfully by turning on the impact mode. But it‘s more recommended to drill such materials with a hammer drill. Although electric impact drills are quite good for that, when not used constantly only for concrete drilling.

In order to pick the right tool for your applications, navigate with the help of our filtering system. For example, If you are mostly planning on working with wood, use the filter „Max. Drill diameter for drilling wood“. If you are planning to drill 50 mm holes in diameter, choose a maximum diameter of 70 mm. A power tool will serve for longer period of time if it‘s not used at it‘s maximum capabilities.
You can find all accessories for impact drills inside categories: Drills for concrete, wood, metal, other drills, chisel and driver tip sets and drill driver tips and extensions.