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  1. 145 € - 2740
Max. disc diameter
Rated power input
  1. 550 W - 1800 W
Cutting length
Max measurements for cutting tiles obliquely
Does set include carry case
Set includes
Adjustment of sheering angle
Max rpm
  1. 2750 /min - 13800 /min
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Electrical tile cutters

Wide range of electric tile cutters from RUBI, TYROLIT, DEWALT, SCHEPPACH, which are worldwide known as very precise, reliable, robust and efective tile cutters. You can choose between table and stand alone cutters.

We offer for you special filters, which will help you to find tile cutter you are looking for. You can use manufacturer, max. cutting disc. diameter, price, cutting length and rated power filters.

Most popular cutters we keep in our stock, therefore we can offer short delivery terms.

Wide range of special cutting discs for tile cutters you can find in category “Diamond cutting discs”.