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Insert Tanos 80500034


TANOS products and accessories are fully compatible with FESTOOL products. TANOS is a company owned by FESTOOL.

Manufacturer Tanos
Suitable for tool Tanos SYSTAINER T-Loc 1, Tanos SYSTAINER T-Loc 2, Tanos SYSTAINER T-Loc 3, Tanos SYSTAINER T-Loc 4, Tanos SYSTAINER T-Loc 5

„TANOS GmbH“ company was founded in Illertissen (Germany), in 1993. It is a part of „TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG“ corporation, very well known as a „Festool“ branded tools manufacturer.

Main company focus is sale and futher develpoment of Systainer® products, dedicated to store, pack, transport and organise work materials and tools.

Systainer® case system is patented. It is unique, because separate units can be interconnected with each other. It helps a lot to organise tools and accessories, therefore it is very popular between craftsman and industry clients. It is not just a case – it is a complete system, offering for client different cases, inserts and accessories. In „TANOS“ range you can find everything you need to arrange your tools and keep everything in its place.

Despite of fact, that company history started in 1993, allready 25 million cases were sold. It perfectly illustrates fact – company is on the right way and will grow further!

„TANOS“ have a lot of different clients all over the world. Among them there are such worldwide known tool manufacturers as:


A few important systainer® features very shortly:

  • It is possible to order separate case component (handel, lock and etc.), so in case of breakage you don‘t need to buy a new complete case.
  • You can easily open any of stacked cases just with one hand. It is not necessary to take out all cases above.

  • It is possible to interconnect cases with old type „Classic“ and „T-Loc“ locks.

  • There are several lines of systainers, which can be used in a mixed system: MINI Systainer, Systainer, MIDI Systainer and MAXI Systainer. MINI Systainer perfectly fits into Systainer. MIDI Systainer can be used together with Systainers. MAXI Systainer also can be interconnected with Systainer cases.