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Engine type
Rated power input
  1. 200 W - 2200 W
Energy saving brushless motor
Possibility to use as table saw
Soft start
Disc sliding mechanism
Precise cut system type
Overload protection
Adjustment of sheering angle
Flags of the product
Adjustable rotation speed for work with different materials

Cross cut mitre saws

Large assortment of cross cut mitre saws from Metabo, Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Scheppach, Festool and more. Clear and precise product specifications will help you select the product that you need. Use filters to fasten the search process.
You can find all cutting discs for mitre saws here 
Mitre saws are initially designed for multiple angular and inclined sawing of wood materials. By the change in a certain cutting discs it‘s possible to cut plastics and aluminium. The working head of a mitre saw is equipped with a cutting blade with a diameter of at least 190 mm. In most cases, the larger the cutting disc, the larger materials can be sawed. Cutting head can be rotated relatively to the working table by a certain angle in the horizontal plane. Also tilted to some angle in the vertical plane for inclined cuts. Any mitre saw head can be tilted to up to 45 degrees verticaly to one side. More advanced models can be tilted to both sides and have a few extra degrees for that.
The first aspect when choosing the right mitre saw is it‘s sawing capacities. Don‘t make a mistake – cutting dimensions for inclined cuts are always lesser than for straight cuts for the same mitre saw.