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Earplugs from Honeywell, 3M and other manufacturers. It is a simple and reliable hearing protection from the negative effects of noise in your working place.

To simplify your choise we prepare for you such filters: manufacturer, size, noise attenuation level (SNR), design, material and usage.

Noise suppression level SNR and safe noise level

SNR is the abbreviation of "Signal to Noise Ratio". The number indicated together with these letters (for example, SNR 30) describes how much earplugs weakens environmental noise in dB.

For example, if the ambient noise level in a particular workplace is 120 dB and the user wears SNR 30 earplugs, the user’s hearing will be exposed to a 90 dB noise.

120 dB - 30 dB = 90 dB

The recommended maximum safe noise exposition level during all working day (8 hours) is 80 dB, so you need to know the level of workplace ambient noise and the guaranteed earplug attenuation level (SNR). Only in such case you will choose a proper hearing protection.