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Heated jackets

A wide range of heated jackets and vests from popular tool manufacturers BOSCH, MAKITA, DEWALT and METABO.

Manufacturer, size, battery voltage, price and other filters will help you find the right clothing quickly and easily.

A heated jacket or vest is the perfect choice for outdoor work, to wear in cold areas or just for leisure time. These are comfortable, practical and high quality clothes.

These jackets and vests can have several heating zones on the front and back. The layout of these heating zones depends on model and manufacturer.

Jackets and vests are heated using battery energy of the respective manufacturer (BOSCH, MAKITA, DEWALT, METABO) and voltage (10.8 V, 12 V, 14.4 V, 18 V, etc.).

A special battery adapter usually has a USB slot that can be used to charge mobile phone, tablet, camcorder, MP3 player or other device.

Usually heated clothes have several levels of heating, so you will feel comfortable in all weather conditions.

Clothes are made of durable, wind and water-proof fabrics, which will protect you against bad weather conditions.