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Safety mask element
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Respiratory protection

Here you will find single use and reusable safety masks, supplied air systems, filters and accessories from Honeywell, 3M and other well known manufacturers.

You can filter products using such filters: manufacturer, safety mask element, protection level, filter fixation type and filter size.

Pollution in your working place can be different, therefore it is necessary to select correct safety mask, which can assure full protection against a certain dangerous material. Safety classes are marked with letters and numbers (example: A1P3). Letter specifies material, from which can protect particular filter. Number shows the level of this protection (1 – 3).

Filter classification according dangerous materials

A –         Organic gases and vapours, which boiling point is above 65oC (example: solvents, hydrocarbons);

AX –       Organic gases and vapours, which boiling point is below 65oC;

B –          Inorganic gases and vapours (example: cyanide, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde);

E –          Acid gases and vapours (example: sulphur dioxide);

K –          Ammonia and organic amino deratives;

P –          Particles and dust;

CO –      Carbon monoxide;

Hg –       Mercury vapour;

Nox –    Nitrogen monoxide, nitrous vapour, nitrogen oxides;

I –           Iodine.

Filter classification according protection level

Protection against particles, dust and aerosols:

P1 –       protection against coarse solid particles without specific toxicity;

P2 –       protection against solid particles and/or liquid aerosols, identified as hazardous or irritating;

P3 –       protection against toxic solid particles and/or liquid aerosols.

Protection against gas and vapour:

1 –          for gas content up to 1,000 ppm by volume;

2 –          for gas content up to 5,000 ppm by volume;

3 –          for gas content up to 10,000 ppm by volume;

Note: In over 70 % of cases the risk to the user is in form of both particulates and gases – therefore it is necessary to use a combination filter with activated charcoal and mechanical (P) elements.

Self contained respiratory device you must use if:

-          the oxygen concentration is less than 17%;

-          the concentration of contaminants is unknown or too high;

-          the filter is not suitable for contaminants present.